Back the Blue Clay Shoot


We are excited to announce that our 4th Annual Beck & Masten Back the Blue Clay Shoot will be held on Saturday, October 9th, 2021, at the beautiful Lonesome Dove Ranch in Mathis Texas!







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Back the Blue Clay Shoot - Rules and Regulations


The following Rules and Regulations govern all Shooting events:

  1. Hearing and Eye protection is mandatory for all shooters as well as bystanders and workers while anywhere on the shooting course. This includes all children. Everyone must supply their own equipment. A shooter will not be allowed to participate in this tournament without eye and ear protection.

  2. No alcohol may be consumed prior to, or while shooting.

  3. Shotgun shells cannot exceed 1-1/8 oz. shot. Shells may include 7-1/2, 8, and 9 shot only. No shot larger than 7-1/2 can be used. No more than two (2) shells may be loaded at any time, including any side games such as Flurry. Participants are responsible for providing their own shells for the event.

  4. Gun actions will remain open at all times on the premises except when on post ready to fire. When the gun is loaded, keep gun pointed down range at all times. Gun actions will be open and shells removed when changing posts.

  5. If your gun malfunctions (fails to fire or jams for mechanical reasons), keep muzzle down range at all times while opening action. A shooter will NOT be allowed to make gun repairs while in the post. Malfunctions will be noted on the scorecard and after three (3) malfunctions any further malfunctions will result in targets marked as LOST. The shooter may use a backup gun or a team member’s gun to finish the event.

  6. No choke changes will be allowed once a shooter begins shooting on post.

  7. If your gun does not fire for any reason other than a gun malfunction, including safety on, not loaded, selector on wrong barrel, etc. when a called for target is released, the target or targets will be counted as LOST. In case of “REPORT” doubles, if no shot is fired at the first target, a second target will be thrown when the first target hits the ground. Shooter may fire at the second target when ready.

  8. Call “PULL” loudly when calling for target to be released.

  9. Call the range master or course official if a machine has broken down or if a machine is breaking too many clay targets. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FIX IT YOURSELF.

  10. The Tournament Staff will take care of loading machines as needed. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO LOAD MACHINES YOURSELF.

  11. If tournament staff has to make repairs on a thrower, open action and remove shells while on post.

  12. Three mulligans per shooter may be purchased in advance and may be used only during the Main Event. Each mulligan is for one pair of targets, (all mulligans will be thrown in pairs). Each pair requires one (1) mulligan ticket. All mulligans will be shot on the dedicated mulligan station. Mulligans will be scored in addition to the 100 regular targets.

  13. Mulligans apply only for Team Scores and may NOT be used in determining any individual winners.

  14. All Shooters (any age) can participate in Mulligans (if purchased).

  15. Each squad of individuals may be allowed to see one legal set of targets from each shooting station. Only the shooter will be allowed in the shooters post while shooting. The remainder of the group is required to not infringe upon the shooters line of fire or field of view.

  16. A legal target is an unbroken clay target that is thrown from the trap in a prescribed flight pattern within the three-second time limit after the participant calls for the target. Flight patterns are not exact and may vary in windy or rainy conditions. A legal target is one that resembles the general flight pattern and is not broken.

  17. In the event of a tie on the HOA, or HOA Runner Up, a scorecard Shoot-Off, beginning on Station One (1) will determine the winner.

Scoring Rules and Regulations

The following are the Rules and Regulations governing Tournament Scoring at Shooting Stations:

  1. Teams may pull and score their own targets if Tournament scorers are not available.

  2. Only legal targets will be scored, and the scorer will be the judge of whether or not a target is broken.

  3. Scoring will be with iClays. When marking the scoresheet, mark only targets that are hit (DEAD) by coloring in the entire circle. DO NOT mark missed (LOST) targets. Do NOT make any other marks on the scoresheet anywhere!!!

  4. If a shooter’s gun malfunctions (fails to fire or jams for mechanical reasons, it will be noted on the scorecard. After three (3) malfunctions any further malfunctions will be scored as a LOST target.

  5. Only targets with a visible piece broken off will be scored as dead. Birds deflected in flight or dusted (but with no visible breakage) will be scored as LOST.

  6. Mulligans are addressed in the following section.

  7. A Blind Draw will be used to provide scores for teams that are short 1 or more shooters.


The following are the Rules and Regulations regarding shooting and scoring Mulligans:

  1. A shooter is allowed a maximum of three (3) mulligans (three pair/6 targets) during the entire main event round.

  2. To be allowed to shoot mulligans, the shooter must present his/her mulligan tickets to the shooting station personnel. Not all shooters will have mulligan tickets. If a shooter does not have mulligan tickets, he/she may not take mulligans.

  3. Mulligans may only be shot on the designated mulligan station.

  4. Each mulligan is for one pair of targets, (all mulligans will be thrown in pairs). Each pair requires one (1) mulligan ticket. You may purchase 1 mulligan (2 targets), 2 mulligans (4 targets) or 3 mulligans (6 targets).

  5. After the shooter presents his mulligan tickets, the shooting station personnel must tear the tickets in half and place in the trash.

  6. Upon the shooter’s call, the mulligan targets will be thrown as pairs.


  8. Unused mulligans have no value.