100 Club

Dear Corpus Christi Police Foundation - 100 Club Members, the Gracia Mexican Cantina Restaurant will be hosting its first annual fundraiser benefitting the Corpus Christi Police Foundation.  We hope you will join us on Wednesday, March 29, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. at Gracia Mexican Cantina at 6418 S. Staples, Suite 124, Kohl's Shopping Center.  You may call 361-549-4179 or email cissygarcia@hotmail.com for more information.  You can also stop by Gracia Mexican Cantina for lunch or dinner to purchase and pickup your tickets there. Tickets are $50.00 per person and will include dinner, drinks, silent auction and live entertainment.  Limited number are being sold now! We hope to see you there.

Joseph & Kathy Adame

Charles M. Allen

Jim O. Atkins

Scott & Jeri Baker

H.K. "Trip"  Batey

Brandey Batey

Patrica Benchoff

Dennis and Bonnie Berry

Deven & Mayuri Bhakta

E.V. "Chip" Bonner

Don & Cherylyn Boyd

Fred Braselton

Blake Braslau

Daniel R. & Elizabeth Brown

Ken & Barbara Bung

Charles Campbell

Carlos Canales

Sonia Cano

Ed Cantu

Patti Carrell

Ruth Ann Cazales

Paul & Vicky Chapa

Dave and Debra Chapman

Billie Childers

Richard & Betty Clark

Diana Contreras

Baldemar Covarrubias

Richard Crain

Mary Joe Cranny

David Crow

Travis & Allison Cruger

George Custer

Charles DeCou

Brittany & Peter Dottolo

Preston Douglas

Richard S. Durham

Gerald Eckel

Jerry Ellison

Robert & Teresa Flores

Bill Fowler

Albert Gamez

Cissy & Dan Garcia

Jeremy  Garza

Rudy Garza

Mary Jane Garza

Judy Gilbreath

Karen Glandt

Bob Gorman

Danny Graham

Ken Griffin

Paulette Guarjardo

Carol Hammonds

Dale Hansen

Carole Harrod

Chris Hartman

Melanie Allen Hauglum

Dennis Havel

John Helm

Ray Joseph Hernandez

Brent Herndon

Gregory Herrman

Lisa Hancock

M. Randall Hicks

Delbert Hooper

Mike Hummell

Michael Hunter

Charles Kaffie & Libby Averyt

Jerry Kane

Alex & Carol Kirkland

Inna Klein

Ruth Kovaric

Frank Liberato

Leslie & Ben Lomax

Catherine Lovoi

Dennis Lozano

Nelda Martinez

Ed Martinez

Jovita Martinez

Joanna Mason

Janet Maxwell

Michelle McCallick

James McKibben

Gerald L & Eileen  McMenamy

Hermelando  Miranda

William Moffitt

Phillip G. Monroe

Arnold Moreno

I.C. Moreno

Aziel Moreno

David Morris

Robert Morris

Richard J. Mucheck

Bishop Michael Mulvey

Loyd Neal

Jesse Nesmith

Robert Parker

County Commisioner Mike Pusley

Sally & Marcus Reigle

Julio Reyes

Thelma L. Rodriguez

Lucy Rubio

Eddie Seal

Trent Shafer

Billy E. Shelton

Harold Shockley

Adam Smith

Joan Spradley

Bruce  Stratton

Susie Sullivan

Sam L. Susser

Sam L. Susser

Jim Swan

Donald Taft

Brad Tindal

Carolyn Vaughan

Wilson Velasquez

Jim & Cora Waters

Gary and Nancy Weber

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Wendt

Robert and Beejay Williams

Jay Wise

Julie A. Wise

Dr. Shannon Ydoyaga

Paul & Carole Zanetti

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