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Gun Raffle 2020

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OUR MISSION. To create a safer Corpus Christi by strengthening the bond between the CCPD and the citizens it serves. With community support, we can help foster a better equipped, better trained police force and a better informed and more engaged public.

The Corpus Christi Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization formed by former business leaders to support  the Corpus Christi Police Department. Donations made by individuals, corporations and foundations fund special programs, officer training, equipment, and new technology, none of which would be considered under our City budget. 


Our History


In the United States, police foundations trace their history back to July 22, 1970, when
the Ford Foundation president McGeorge Bundy announced the formation of a

Police Development Fund to improve and modernize American policing.


Generally, now known as a police foundation, the organizations have spread across
the nation rapidly with prominent police foundations representing major police departments across the United States.

Police foundations serve local police departments by fundraising through special events, granting tax-exempt gifts

and individual donations to improve the effectiveness of police activities. To serve and protect to the best of their abilities, police departments need to keep pace with advanced technology, new equipment, and professional development. Police foundations help in this process by serving as a flexible arm of support.

The Corpus Christi Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization was formed in 2010 by former business leaders to support the Corpus Christi Police Department. Donations made by individuals, corporations and foundations fund special programs, officer training, equipment, and new technology, none of which would be considered under our City budget.


Welcome to the website of the Corpus Christi Police Foundation. The Corpus Christi Police Department is very fortunate to benefit from a philanthropic Foundation which provides an invaluable service to the safety of our community and the men and women of our department.


The Board of Directors of the Police Foundation is comprised of a group of very dedicated community members who work diligently towards providing grant funding for our police training, education and equipment programs.


It is because of the generous contributions of individuals, businesses, philanthropic organizations and the extraordinary efforts of the Board of Directors that the Corpus Christi Police Foundation is able to provide the necessary financial support required to maintain quality police programs and equipment offered by the Corpus Christi Police Department.

I genuinely appreciate the generosity of our community and encourage you to continue to support the Corpus Christi Police Foundation in its commitment to the Corpus Christi Police Department. It is only through our combined efforts that we can continue to provide high- quality training and education and equipment programs for our officers during extremely challenging times.


With sincere gratitude and appreciation,

Mike Markle

Chief of Police

What We Do


The CCPF raises funds to purchase urgently needed state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge technology. This improves the effectiveness and efficiency of the CCPD in the prevention, identification, and investigation of criminal activity.


The CCPF supports programs that provide specialized training in order to ensure that the CCPD officers are instructed in latest law enforcement tactics and have the highest level of preparation possible for potential disasters and violence.

The CCPF has seen that canine units can be an important force multiplier for local police departments. Thus it has two police K9 programs. The first is designed to cover the start-up costs (such as acquiring and training the dog) associated with establishing a K9 unit in a department without one. The second police K9 program is designed to cover the costs of adding a second canine to police departments with a history of success with an existing K9 unit. Both programs make awards to all qualifying departments.

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CCPF Board of Directors


CCPF Board of Directors

Bryce Alexander


Tony Alcoser

Rabalais I&E Constructors

Denny Bales

DB Estate Jewelry

Travis Cruger

Cruger Financial Services

Ajit David


Michelle Flower

Valero Refineries

CCPF Staff

Cissy Garcia

Executive Director

Regina Garcia

HEB Corporate


Mike Markle

Chief of Police


David Blackmon

Assistant Chief of Police


Denise Pace

Senior Officer & CCPF Liaison


Helping those who protect and serve.

CCPF Officers

Jeremy Garza, CCPF President Elect

Gulf Coast Federal Credit Union

Harold Shockley Jr., CCPF President

IBC Bank


Bay, LTD

M. Randall Hicks, Vice President 

Hartline, Dacus, Barger, Dreyer LLP

Jim Sedwick , CCPF Asst. Vice President

Carr, Riggs & Ingram, LLC


Travis Cruger , Treasurer 

Doraine Wealth Management Group, Inc.

James McKibben , Secretary 

McKibben, Martinez, Jarvis and Wood, L.L.P.

CCPD Liaison

Denise R. Pace

Corpus Christi Police Department


Ed Hicks



Cissy Garcia

Executive Director



Help Us By Donating Now


Your donation helps us to accomplish our mission to strengthen the bond between the Corpus Christi
Police Department and the citizens we serve. Together we can make a difference.

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Corpus Christi Police Foundation

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