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The Corpus Christi Police Foundation raises funds from the community and accepts grant applications from the Corpus Christi Department to issue grants to support the following priority needs:


Training and Education Program

Police officers are challenged with handling a variety of threats in an evolving environment. CCPF supports continuous training and education for Corpus Christi Police Department officers and civilian staff to improve effectiveness in their crime fighting efforts.


Equipment Program


Equipment Program

The CCPF raises funds to purchase state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge technology that improves the effectiveness and efficiency of the CCPD in the prevention, identification, and investigation of criminal activity including:

  • Alternate Uniform Badges for Officers

  • Health and Wellness Program

  • High-level Specialized Training School

  • Honor Guard Uniforms

  • K9 Body Armor

  • K9 Police Unit

  • K9 Police Badge

  • Mounted Patrol

  • Officer of the Month Awards

  • Skywatch Tower

  • Police Academy Shoulder Microphones

  • Police Academy Water Camels

K-9 Program


K-9 Program

The CCPF has seen that canine units can be an important force multiplier for local police departments. Thus it has two police K9 programs. The first is designed to cover the start-up costs (such as acquiring and training the dog) associated with establishing a K9 unit in a department without one. The second police K9 program is designed to cover the costs of adding a second canine to police departments with a history of success with an existing K9 unit. Both programs make awards to all qualifying departments.


Animal Control


Animal Control

Your tax-deductible donation will be carefully used to enhance the quality of life of sheltered animals by providing needed medications, veterinary care, surgical equipment, and facility enhancements to improve operations. The Corpus Christi Animal Care Services strives to be a leader in providing the highest quality care for our animals and your generous donation will enable us to continue our noble work.


Honor Guard Program


Honor Guard Program

The Corpus Christi Police Honor Guard performs ceremonial duties at funerals and special events. They represent the City’s deep gratitude to those who have faithfully served the community and country.


Explorer Program


Explorer Program

The purpose of this organization is to afford an opportunity for young adults in this community to observe, participate, and learn about law enforcement.  The Explorer program enhances self-confidence, motivation, civic-mindedness, and cultivates strong leadership traits.  These characteristics help Explorers prepare for a career in law enforcement and to become future leaders.

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